New DXARC Activation


HKØNA Malpelo DXpedition 2012

We’ll be active from 6 to 160 meters (include Warc bands) in CW, SSB and RTTY with as many as 10 stations at the same time in different bands and modes.


*These frequencies have been specifically selected in coordination with the VP6T team so as to minimize the possibility of mutual interference

This might change depending on the local QRM.
6M 50.103 50.110
10M 28.024 UP 28.405 As Dir 28.080 UP
12M 24.892 UP 24.940 As Dir 24.920 UP
15M 21.024 UP 21.275 As Dir 21.080 UP
17M 18.070 UP 18.130 As Dir 18.098,5 DWN/UP
20M 14.024 UP 14.160 As Dir 14.080 UP
30M 10.124 UP 10.142 DWN
40M 7.024 UP 7.056 7.195 +/- 7.038 DWN
80M 3.524 UP 3.770 As Dir 3.586 DWN
160M 1.833,5 UP 1.845 UP
160M JAPAN 1.811-1.816

50 MHz Grid Locator EJ94EA information and operating tips

  • We’ll be emphasizing our operation on this band, it will be a new one for most 6 m operators.
  • The set up consists of a 5 element Yagi, radio and an amplifier.
  • We will be QRV 6m when the band is open.
  • Frequencies maybe changed, depending on local noise/birdies. Split operation will be deployed when needed.
  • Main mode is CW. If band conditions permit, SSB mode will be used to gain a higher QSO rate. Please do not ask for mode changing.
  • Please avoid QSO duplication, give others a chance. Logs will be uploaded twice a day to our site.
  • Long haul contacts are rare and last for a short period. If multi-hop event happens the operator will give it special attention.
  • Grid locator is: . Please, DO NOT send your locator, it is not needed and we won’t log it anyway, it wastes precious time.
  • Whenever it’s possible, and while the band remains closed, the station will be beaconing on the same frequency. If you hear it, feel free to send a text (SMS) saying your grid locator and report only. Tlfn: +
  • Qsl Via N2OO