New DXARC Activation

Our Plan

Overall plan

As you can see the dates are firm. We expect to arrive on the island
on Jan. 21, 2012 and begin operations immediately. The four members of the
team travelling to Malpelo early with the Colombian Navy have the mission to
erect the operating sites, infrastructure to support twenty people for 17 days, and erect all
the antennas and stations. This is a huge sacrifice on their part as they
will be on the island until our departure on Feb. 7 th. There is a
possibility that they will have some time to be will be QRV prior to the
main team arriving.

The team will be QRV on 160m-6m, CW, SSB, and Digital modes. Elecraft has
supplied the team with eleven K3 transceivers and five new KPA 500
amplifiers. Alpha has supplied three of their High Power 8410’s amplifiers
for use on the low bands and DX Engineering has supplied many of the
antennas to be used. We plan to have two operating sites and as many as ten
stations QRV on open bands/modes. One of the operating sites will be placed
near the summit of the island with antennas to cover the areas of the world
that have been blocked on previous DXpeditions. Our antennas will be
strategically deployed to maximize our signal and to ensure DXers worldwide
will have an opportunity to work us.


December 27 th— Advance team departs. Four members of Team sail with all
equipment and gear to Malpelo with Colombian Navy.

Jan.18th—Team assembles in Bogota, Colombia

Jan. 19 th—Team flies to Buenaventura and boards the SEAWOLF for final
team meeting.

Jan. 20 th—Depart on high tide for Malpelo

Jan. 21st—Arrive Malpelo after 24 hours, begin island access, begin radio

Jan 21st through Feb. 5/6—continue radio operations.

Feb. 7 th—depart Malpelo

Feb. 8 th—arrive Buenaventura

Feb 10 th—operators return their home for well deserved rest.

Operations Plan
OP. A (Alto) located near the summit of the Island at 300 m ASL

Four stations—–HF + 6m

Antenna complement:

1-6m M2 antenna:

1-6m omni-directional antenna

1-160m dipole

1-80-10m multi band dipole (IZT special)

1-40-10m multi band dipole (IZT special)

1-6BTV vertical antenna

1-A3S tribander

1-Pennant 160/80 RX Antenna

OP. B (Baja) located at the Colombian marine base at 100 m ASL

Six stations HF + 6m

Antenna complement:

1-6m 5el beam

1-160m Inverted L

1-80m Inverted L

1-30m Vertical

1-6BTV Vertical

1-A3 tribander

2-A3WS duo band 12-17m

1-Pennant 160/80 RX Antenna

1-40-10m multi band dipole (IZT special)