New DXARC Activation

Pilot Contact Information/Guidelines

*Please do not contact Pilots prior January 20 th.


First….The DXpedition team asks you to read “How
to Work Us”
 found elsewhere on this website!

THE HK0NA team has asked two prominent DXers to act as pilots for
the Malpelo 2012 Dxpedition.

They are Dr. San Hutson, K5YY and Col

The HK0NA team will be getting daily updates from the pilots duringthe DXpedition.

The information we are seeking should be useful and
helpful to all DXers.The pilot will NOT be relaying personal requests for specialbands, modes, times or why not in the log or changing a log, etc.
The purpose

of the updates is to assist the HK0NA team in specific operational

“refinements” to their basic operational plan.

The value and merits of the specific information to be passed to the
team will

be determined daily by the Pilots. Keep in mind, this is a very

experienced team of operators who have put in many months of time,
effort ,

planning and have decades of DXpedition experience.

Every attempt will be made to provide updates to the

and many questions will be answered by following those postings as
well as

news bulletins, and real-time spots.

Complaints or negative comments will NOT be passed to the team.

please read and follow these basic guidelines before sending an
email to the

Pilot stations.


General guidelines:

(1) NO log changes will be made during the HK0NA trip. If you find
you are

not in the log, please re-work us.

(2) Any issues with mis-logging or other error possibilities will

answered by the QSL manager after the trip and upon reviewing your

WRITTEN complaint. NO master log changes will be made during the
trip. The

pilot station does NOT have log data and can NOT make log changes!

(3) The HK0NA team is VERY aware of propagation to all parts of the

long path openings, and the team has done extensive work to assure

for difficult areas with narrow windows of opportunity. The
operators have

much propagation knowledge and will be using “real time” propagation

at each station.

(4) Remember, all efforts will be made to relay PERTINENT

and IMPORTANT information to the team but NOT complaints based on

personal opinions on how the team should be operating. The HK0NA

will consider the needs of ALL DXers and not just a special,
personal goal

that any ONE person may have that would direct the team to “go
there, do

this, listen here, why not try” etc… Again, the planning for this
trip has

been extensive, and ALL possible issues have been addressed to

getting you in the log!

(5) Lastly, there will no SKEDS !

Thanks you for your cooperation…..this will be a great Dxpedition
with your help.

Contact Information:

USA and Outside Europe